About Harmonie C28

Harmonie C28 is a family-owned farm, giving the opportunity for all Namibians to escape from their day-today responsibilities, break-away for a while and just be able to breath and relax.

The farm Harmonie was initially part of the farm Khomas Hochland no 1, owned by the Liebig's Extract of Meat Company Limited.

The Liebig's Extract of Meat Company (Lemco) purchased 210,000ha of land in the Khomas Hochland in 1907 for cattle breeding. The purpose was for meat extracts which later became known as Oxo beef stock cubes.

In 1939 the Union of South Africa bought the land from the Liebig Company. There was enough real estate to cut 65 farms; it was used to resettle farmers from the Union of South Africa at the end of World War II.

The Jacobs family bought the farm Homotsas from the government round-about 1949. Homotsas was divided into three farms in 1959 namely Harmonie, Kaandam and Homotsas.

The name Homotsas refer to a natural water hole and is currently part of the farm Harmonie. Mike Jacobs, the current owner is the second generation on Harmonie.

Some common plants include the Mountain Thorn Acacia, Camelthorn Tree, Buffalo Thorn Acacia, Trumpet Thorn, Kudu bush, Namibian Resin-tree and Bushman Poison. During the rainy season, the masses of Devils thorn are something to see. Klipspringer, steenbok, zebra, oryx and kudu roam freely on Harmonie.

With some 200 species of Namibian birdlife recorded here, Harmonie C28 is a popular birding destination. Several of Namibia's specials such as the Rockrunner, White-tailed Shrike, Monteiro's hornbill, Bradfield's Swift, Rüppell's parrot and Carp's tit can be observed.