Explore the various activities available to do at Harmonie-C28, while staying in our self-catering units, the farmhouse flat or simply enjoying camping.

- 4x4 Adventures -

  • On the self-drive route you became part of nature and get a good experience of the Khomas Hochland, wild life and birds. There are ample opportunities for photography, and breath-taking viewpoints. The route is also rich in history heritage, with remains of bushmen painting still evident, as part of the attractions on the route.
  • The self-drive route offers a good challenge for the experienced and as well as the unexperienced driver. With a difficulty grade of the route from a 2 to a 4. A map is available for the 4x4 route with GPS reference points. The circle routes take from 1.5 to 5-6 hours.
  • Self-drive N$ 200 per vehicle
  • Harmonie C28 offers a guided self-drive 4x4 trips that differ from 3 hours to up to a day.
  • On the guided route we make sure you know your vehicle and give some guidance for the unexperienced driver.
  • Depending on the interest of the group, we can visit the rock art, dry waterfalls and viewpoints.
  •  Each vehicle is self-supporting with fuel, food, snacks, drinks and camping gear. The difficulty grade of the route is between 2 and 5. The difficulty can be adjusted to suite the group. 
  • Interested parties may contact us for a quotation on dates that you prefer for a booking.
  • A quote will be given on request

We also offer 4x4 guidance for first time 4x4 drivers on Namibia's gravel and 4x4 routes. The session normally takes 3 to 4 hours and includes the following main points:

  • Know your 4x4
  • Gear selection
  • How to do sand driving
  • How to do 4x4 tracks
  • Replacing of punctured wheels
  • What to be on the lookout for on the roads

Experienced 4x4 guidance is also on offer. Here you will get the most out of your vehicle with driving on self-made de-bushed mountain roads visiting some breath taking views and landscapes.

The driving guidance is highly recommended for safely navigating any 4x4 routes in Namibia. It will not only ease your nerves on the road ahead, but provide valuable knowledge when encountering difficult roads or situations. This may save you precious time on the road.

Please contact us for a quotation.


Harmonie C28 (owner and staff) will be not responsible for any damages on      the vehicle or in person while driving on the 4x4 trails.

Driving the 4x4 trails is at own risk.

Pre-booked farm-drives can be arranged with the owner, Mike. 

Guidance will be given regarding plants, geography, rock art with history of it and farming activities.

You can expect to see kudu, oryx, zebra, baboon, klipspringens and a variety of birds on the trip.

A quote will be given on request

Harmonie C28 (owner and staff) will be not responsible for any damages on the vehicle or in person while driving on the 4x4 trails.

Driving the 4x4 trails is at own risk.


- Outdoor Activities -

Bring your own mountain bike and enjoy more than 40km of roads on the farm. Routes differ from high intense experienced road, long distance gravel and beginner routes. The longer distance riders can also utilize the scenic C28 road which has minimal traffic. Harmonie C28 offers an excellent training opportunity for the Desert Dash, Namib Quest and other events. All of this can be done, while the rest of the family or friends enjoy the rest of the facilities.

The following is currently popular

    • A 2 day stay in the chalet, with meals provided.
    • Cycling from Windhoek to Harmonie
    • Cycling to Boshua Pass on Saturday and back to Windhoek on the Sunday. (about 270km for the weekend.)
    • A quote will be given on request

You are welcome to use the 4x4 trails for hiking. (Map available at reception.)

The routes are circular and differ in distance from 7km to 20km.

Be on the lookout for kudu and klipspringers while hiking in the riverbeds. The klipspringers are usually on the high rocky points.  The opportunity to see zebra and oryx are also good if you are out of the riverbed.

Remember to take enough water and a snack if you walk the longer distances.

MTC reception is available on the higher points.

Please inform reception about your hiking plans in case of emergency.

Please feel free to use the swimming Pool.

If the pool is  covered please remove the cover and cover after use.  is on the pool, please put it back after your swim.

Unfortunately no dogs in the pool.


The Sundowner spot is on the way to the C28 Gravel road.  You will see the sign "MTC & Sundowner".  There you will find MTC reception and after taking a walking route for about 200 meters you will find spots for a sundowner.  Pack your own cool box and snacks and enjoy a beautiful view.


We host smaller functions like birthday, corporate, church or group functions.

We also cater for meals and the venue.

A romantic dinner for 2, can also be booked.

A 10x5meter tent/gazebo is available for shade and weather protection at extra cost.

A quote will be given on request


- Memorable Activities -

Harmonie C28 lies in the heart of the Khomas Hochland Mountains. A two day stay is recommended to ensure the full magnitude of the landscape is experienced. It is best to visit during the summer months between December and February when the migrants are present. Namibia only has one true endemic bird, the Dune Lark, due to the fact that these specialized habitats just stretch over into remote southern Angola. However, Namibia also boasts 14 near-endemics, whose ranges are almost entirely restricted to this country. Harmonie C28 boasts 8 of these 14 near endemic species.

Types of Birds

  • Carp's Black Tit
  • Rockrunner
  • White Tailed Shrike
  • Damara Hornbill
  • Monteiro's Hornbill
  • Ruppell's Parrot
  • Rosy Faced Lovebird
  • Hartlaub's Francolin

Hiking offers good sighting of some of the special birds. The best hiking time would be early morning, as it will get very hot over the midday and birds will be most active, especially the Hartlaubs Francolin (just after sunrise).

While on the trail, be on the lookout for the Rockrunner on the sharp rocky edges of the dry river along the route. With almost guaranteed sightings of the short tailed shrike.

Ruppel;'s parrot and the Rosy face lovebirds are quite active in Acacia trees along the riverbed, be attend to their calls when flying between trees.

The white capped morph of the Mountain wheatear and different forms of the Sabota Lark (thicker bill) and Short-toed Rock Thrush (White cap) can also be seen.

Other birds seen quite regularly along the route are Carp's Tit, Pririt Batis, Red-billed Spurfowl, White-throated Canary, Crimson-breasted Shrike and Barred Wren-Warbler are worth a mention.

Monteiro's Hornbills are frequently seen while hiking, with the Damara Hornbill being scarcer.

Harmonie-C28 is home of various different rock art that dates back 150 years. At this time the Bushman migrated with the game and found shelter in the Khomas Hochland mountains. The remains of settlement are evident. They continue this migration for many generations. There are 2 visible sites on the farm and is accessible on the 4x4 route and on a 1.1km hike. It is always advisable to make use of a guide.

The smaller things are more often the most satisfying experiences and there is no shortage of that. Although it could be considered creepy, the different variety of insects, bee's, lizards, gecko's, spiders and scorpions are amazing to find and see. There is a special kind of satisfaction when experiencing the natural environment and being able to identify the different species. For a beginner this is the perfect opportunity to get closer to this type of wild live and you will be amazed how big the small critter world really is.

The clear and cloudless skies in Khomas Hochland attract amateur astronomers and professional alike. The night sky is an unforgettable experience for someone living in the city.

Guided star gazing weekends can be arranged.

A quote will be given on request. Or simply enjoy it on your own.